Lookie what I got for Christmas:

I think it really ties the room together.

nice, my parents don’t know enough about my interests to get me something so thoughful.

Perfect present, awesome picture too. I wonder why they got this. Or did they simply print it from your collection? :slight_smile:

Hahaha, no. It was a collaborative thing. I sent my brother a link to the pic and said something like ‘damn, I’d kill for that’, and he filed it away as a bookmark and then mentioned it to my Mom a couple weeks before Christmas. Then they ordered it and had it professionally framed.

True, it’s a perfect present.

da laz sheeyat i need on ma wall iz a pic ov 2 random old dudez

altho if datz whut getz u off…

Let’s just hope Woo doesn’t pee on it.

Tru, obviously he is not a golfer.

The head of the keyboard department where I studied had a signed A2 poster of Richter on his wall, I was soooooooo tempted to nick it lol.

What’s the piece Msisty and Slavy are playing?

most likely beethoven 8)

I so want a framed picture like that, except of either mickey or celi

I want to get one of these pictures of Ashkenazy framed -

$500 on ebay, if I were a rich man… :confused:

damn that gave me such a boner

ebay offers good deal sometimes. horowitz’s signed pic like what koji uploaded used to be $150-200 not long ago. on a bad day, someone might just push up the price to $300-400. it really depends on the timing.

That’s still a bit overpriced for Horowitz autographs, which aren’t rare. ABM autographs are VERY rare.

yeah I’ve come across a couple and each is several hundred, even if it’s made on something not so picturesque, like a spare page of paper

Very nice Chris,

…a great poster indeed.