Louis Kentner

wikid penizt!

Da liapetz sumwut legendary.

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His Liszt CDs on APR are fantastic, and his Vox set is great too.
He played one of the best Benediction de dieu dans la solitude ever. The job he did for the late Liszt works (e.g. the Polonaises and Ballades), including many pioneering recordings, is really worthwile.
I urge you to get some of his Liszt recordings. I do not know very much his non-Liszt discography - apart from the Lyapunov etudes, boring and static pieces that, in his hands, sound like masterworks.


He has many wonderful recordings. I like all the early 30’s stuff.

Sometimes, the playing is a bit too elegant (Liszt Sonata) and somewhat lacking in fury.

His Scherzo and March is very nice indeed, I wish it had a bit more “bite” at times. But tiz a very serious and worthy interpretation of Liszt, nice to see that music treated with respect

At some point, you gotta just drop the respect and go in for balls-deep rape.


I was about to post a comment, then I discovered that there is already one by me written less then a year ago.
Wonderful stuff.