Lovro Pogorelich tube vid interview


randomly zum pretty genzui pimpzon performance

man this is awesome. if anyone wants some translations, i can understand almost everything he’s saying. this is some really gensui playing.

in the end he says

“the opening theme and ending theme are the same… it’s mephisto. it starts with it and ends with it. and at the end it’s like he’s leaving and then closes the door behind him.”

to him, that’s what the final staccato B means. i’ve never liked it (i preferred it in pedal), but now that I heard him say this i love it more than ever.

I’d love some translations, if you could. That sounds really amazing.

zoundz lyk da kind ov sheeyat i wud zay if i didn think it wuz dat fuckin obviouz :whale:

MAn this guy is so huge… the piano look tiny compared to him


Heres my rather bad translation…anima already translated the most interesting part of the interview…

"In this sonata, [Liszt] wrote all that he knew - as an artist, and as a composer. He also wrote a fugue. It’s a very fast fugue, it’s a crazy fugue, it’s a fugue that’s not very beautiful. it’s a slightly unnerving fugue. And he wrote this before the ‘reprise’…it’s wonderful. It starts off piano, and becomes fortissimo.


It’s not possible to remain [emotionally?] distanced from this sonata, because it’s very intimate. It’s very intimate in dynamics but also in the story. It’s more common when we view modern art…that we create impressions of things…colors etc…it’s not recounted in a story like an opera. "

Then the thing that anima said

randomly I didn’t watch this originally coz I assumed it would be in croatian.