Lucas Debargue ment

Does he live up to the hype?

How do you see his career and playing progressing?

Seems to be the modern day equivalent to Pogo - not winning a competition but causing a big enough stir to gain more fame than the actual winner.

I’m a fan. I’ve seen him perform a few times, will see him again later this month. However, the best playing I’ve heard from him was the second round of the Tchaikovsky comp. The video used to be on YouTube but seems to have been taken down? That Medtner sonata. He’s a very intense personality, kinda reminds me of Richter in that way (although unlike Richter, he’s extremely talkative).

I was first introduced to him through a friend who runs a piano series, and where (this is probably secret) Sony tried to earn him place by offering him “for free”. My friend only had to let him walk on stage and reap the ticket earnings. Along they sent a demo of his upcoming debut album, which my friend shared with me and a couple of other friends. We all thought it sucked. :sunglasses: And Debargue never got the gig. :sunglasses: That he would have played for free. :sunglasses:

But then I signed up here and downloaded Brew’s first rec with him, which I loved. I’ve kept an eye on him ever since, and think he’s among the most talented pianists of his generation (although, as with everyone, I don’t think everything he does is worthwhile). If you haven’t looked in to him Comme I suggest both Brew’s recital recordings in the Brewtlegs thread. Lesson learned for me was at least once again that never judge a pianist from a studio recording.

I love his playing - very original, honesr and beautiful in the best sense. Also, he is real intelectual guy. My friend knows him and told me that Debargue knows a lot about many hings, he is reading probably a book per day, sleeping not so many hours and that he’s in general very interesting guy.

Seems about right, he’s so intense he’s practically buzzing. I can’t imagine that would be conducive to a good night’s sleep. I think he studied literature in university before returning to music.

Doesn’t lack of sleep fuck your body & mind over time? He might burn out

Yes he might, but I hope he doesn’t. He seems to run on coffee and cigarettes.

Sleep is for weaklings. 3 hours tonight. =)

Here and there is okay, but 3 hours sleep every night for months on end practically destroyed me.

It depends what you can actually function on. Before my op I had huge anxiety which cut down sleep, and the night before the op I had barely any. Then the week after- my sleep was poor due to the pain.

Definitely didn’t function well at all, low concentration levels, couldn’t do anything productive.

Really taught me to value good sleep and make it a priority.

The more powerful your OFF switch is - the more powerful your ON switch will be. When you prioritize down time; your up time can soar to higher heights.


I definitely can’t get by on 3 hours (tonight was since I’m home with a cold which made it difficult to stay asleep). I’ve been fine today, curiously, but I know I’ll be wasted tomorrow instead because of this. I need 6-7, though even that rarely happens tbh.

you can still view the round 2 performance on medici for free: Lucas Debargue: Medtner, Ravel - The XV International Tchaikovsky Competition

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Much truth in this, wish it didn’t take me 30 years to figure this out.

Aparently Sokolov also doesn’t sleep a lot.

I have loved Debargue’s pianism & artistry from the time he attracted so much attention in Russia. Agreed with Brew and X, and it seems he’s developing nicely.
That said, I really DISLIKE this Scarlatti playing. I think it’s mannered and not in the right style at all IMO. So I guess I love him only in certain specific repertoire.
He’s definitely a pianist that I want to hear live one day.

Yeah I like him. Daim da hate from da Comme. Dasdc loves Debargue, and I agree with that. Very musical, he even composes and improvises, unlike many of todays pianists. And he also looks like a cool guy, we could be friends lol

You misinterpret my mild devil’s advocacy as hate, I love a lot of his playing!

I know it’s in French and there are no subtitles but this is really the best interview I think I’ve ever seen with an artist. Even if you can’t understand you can see what sort of person he is; extremely intense, intelligent, sensitive and passionate.

I went back to listen to that recording, which I haven’t revisited that often due to the sound (recorded from the balcony). What’s interesting is how different the interpretation of the Medtner is from the Tchaikovsky competition performance. It’s way more intense, maybe even too much so. It’s actually quite taxing to listen to, but what virtuosity!

I’m in all honesty not familiar with the work. What I remember from the recital today are the encores, but I liked the whole thing as I listened last year.