Lucette Descaves (1906-1993)

This is a difficult one… Does anyone have any recordings, and perhaps especially 78-rpms, by this splendid French mofoinette?

In case you’re not familiar with the name she’s the teacher of Thibaudet and Rogé among others. She has excellent fingers and a vivid personality at the piano, but I’ve heard very little with her.

I’ve heard some very nice recordings of her on YT, but unfortunately I have nothing to share…

I’d guess I’ll have to talk to Don or Ward for this one alas - I’m not aware of any reissue of her recordings. I really don’t know, but from what I’ve been able to figure out she seems to have focused on teaching and left relatively few recordings, beginning in 1939. I’d primarily like to hear her early work. The side above is from 1946 (HMV DB 11138).

There’s also this wonderful Ravel, on Michael’s FB page: … 525472016/

Aha! Yes this was around the time I first heard of her myself.
A little primitive musically perhaps, but great fun, and with the same drive and fingerwork as in the later side above. I see there’s a 1956 live recording with her in de Falla’s Noches as well. Would love to hear that.

god the Fb system for playing media / audio is so retarded, awkward, slow and clumsy. So long as Yanks and Europeans don’t get a sight of VK, I guess they’ll keep using that shit.

Why you think so? This is how Ravel’s music works best IMO - straightforward, with great beauty of tone, sparkling, clear, intelligent pedaling.

It works quite fast here in Japan…?
Btw who’s the beauty on your avatar?

Just the interface of it seems slow, and it pops out weirdly when I click the screen. Not user friendly IMO.

It’s beautiful French actress Isabelle Adjani playing her all-time most insane role in film history in Zulawski’s Possession. If you only see one film the rest of your life, that’s it.*

*or maybe Mirror but everyone knows about Tarkovsky I guess.

She’s a great actress but for some reason I didn’t recognize her face here!
I remember her from some movies I saw when I was very young, Le locataire and Nosferatu.

I gotta see it!