LUGY da believah

How does your faith in God manifest itself in your life and in your art ?

N.L. : I am a believer, like most people… even if, sometimes they are not conscientious. And I believe that the greatest musical works were created with the help of God. I am thinking of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin or again Rachmaninov.



ve all believe in ZIFF

When a journalist asked you to talk about yourself, you asked her to listen to your interpretation of a Ballade of Chopin or the Third Concerto of Rachmaninov. What is it that the Third Concerto, played by you, could reveal of your personality?

N.L. : The Third Concerto has nothing to reveal particularly about me. It exists without me, without Martha Argerich, without Emil Gilels. The Third Concerto reveals nothing but itself, and for sure, it enlightens us about Rachmaninov.

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