LvB's Archduke Trio

Has a more noble, warmhearted piece ever been composed? Methinks not!

banned 8)

I can not love this piece. I dun know why.

I tried many times to appreciate this but I still continue to find it lengthy and very boring.

But chamber music composed before XX century is not exactly my cup of tea.

Glad I’m not the only one. (Except I love chamber music)
Especially find the last mov so corny.
It’s like looking over his sketches and you see how a theme evolves from it’s banal origins - I think he didn’t quite go far enough with it.

Never heard it

It’s also one that I haven’t managed to get into, but I probably haven’t listened to it enough.

Same :slight_smile:

Expand yo’ horizons and listen to the version with Richter at the piano.