ma random amazon reviews … 71-9304152


haha fuck!

da :whale: rider

Lesson: never let girls choose movies. :chop:

Math Studies??? HAHAHAHAH

IB’s ghey btw…Math HL blows…gheeeeeey

only ib magixx sl is offered at my school. 8)

haha I shouldve taken studies just so i didnt have to work…methods was a fucking waste of time

it’s not that bad if you do your homework…

yeah i’m screwed for the exam :wink:

can u UL da Art of Bear CD in da brothel?

Yhes. Tell me what format/bitrate you would like.

haha thats what my teacher said as well…they predicted me like a 3-4 or some bullsheeyat like dat…but i showed them :smiling_imp: (haha ok maybe a 5 is nothing special…but it a hella lot btta dan a 3)

I’ve been getting 70s and even 60s on the tests, but I got a 90 on the course midyear. I also got a 7 and a 6 on the two portfolios, so my teacher predicted me a 6 overall, but i’ll have to work HELLA hard to get it.

IB? yea im in it too…gonna fail the econ test…

mp3 or ogg(prefer) 160kbps will be awesome

flac is BEST.

Technically, WAV 1536 is best 8)

exactly the same as flac.

what is methods?

Well, in the BC curriculum, kids who take IB generally are forced to take BC Math 12 in grade 11, then take an artificial course called “IB Math Methods” in Grade 12. BC Math 12 has some of the IB curriculum in it already, so Methods just adds the remaining topics.

I moved to Victoria BC from Regina Saskatchewan in between Grades 10 & 11. When I decided to do IB Diploma, my guidance counsellor stuck me directly into BC Math 12, when all I had done was some esoteric pre-IB 10/Sask ed class. So I missed BC Math 11 and it has been driving me nuts ever since. I’m the only kid in my current class who knows how to do constructions, locii, and imaginary numbers - but I can’t manipulate a damn system of equations!! :confused:

y dont u go to UBC. it’z more wikid there plus they have good 88 collection. Victoria is so small. i randomly have nothing to do there after 2 dayz.

da lil downtown area is nice, but that’s about it.

I thought about UBC, McGill, and Queens, but realized for a Bachelors degree UVIC was just as good.

I plan on getting Bachelors in 3 years (IB kills one), then going wherever the hell I want after