Madame Cziffra

Gyorgy Cziffra’s widow Soleilka passed away last week from a heart attack. She had been in poor health for a number of years.
The concern of many is the estate and what will happen to all the
unpublished recordings, letters, scores, photos, etc in Senlis.I hope
the State will come to the rescue and preserve the archive.


May she rest in peace. :ziff:

-da Meph

this iz tragic…

I will do a mournfull improv to commemorate her :ziff:

From what I was told, the last few years of her life weren’t too pleansant. I guess this may be relief for her. Not to mention she’ll be joining her hubby…

yes, may both of them rest in piece. Cziffra’s music will rule the musical world for centuries to come.

Cziffra is immortal :ziff: :ziff: :ziff:

if da ZIFF married her; zhe muz haf been wikid.
RIP n may zhe be reunited wiz da :ziff: and deir zon gyorgy juniah.

da zpirit of da ZIFF iz indeed truly immortal, n he inzpirez me everyday in ma hope of one day bein a mere fraction of da legendary penizt n man he wuz.

it seems like yesterday da she had da Ziff in a head-lock

Sad, but at least they are a family united again. Not to hijack the thread but Joyce Hatto has died.

RIP. when did georgy jnr pass away?

rest in piece.