Mah Random Debut

This piece iz like a kidz piece, but twas easy and crowd pleasin’. And it was played Furiouzly…

It’s Cop’s Scherzo Humoristique,but when a SPEED DEMON playz a piece… it’s a whole new piece.

Harzhly, your comments might be appreciated.

VID (Link Fixed)

For you who DNT care N just want audio,

And Youtubed:

its not there

Forget diz pozt. Server errors.

OK, re-ULed in both audio and visual. Audio is a much smaller file.

Cheerz! :kan:

zum TRU DEMONERY rezpec!!

howevah yo “get-up-az-zoon-az-yo-handz-leave-tha-88” ending ztylee juz not :gav: level yet

but ztill rezpec :shrimp:

it zeemz u heff huge handz…

you can span a tenth?

I can play 10thz with each hand, stretch 11thz, and fully stretched iz about halfway between 11thz and 12.

agreed wif Rob. leave them shittin’ furiously in their pants next time.


Insane big hands. Bigger than Rach.