mah SD spirit runs deep … 3;start=30

all da way back den i was sayin dat i cud do dat

and da mystical chromtickle did an immediate reply

da direct lennox sheeyat


da MeiTing replied to mah 240bpm remark -

This is not one of the harder etudes, but op. 10 no. 2 is Basically you have to figure out how to rotate (and not OVERrotate), and you should be able to play most of this piece effortlessly. Regarding tempo (and I don’t really care about it that much - only mentioning it cuz there seems to be certain elements on this site that concern themselves ONLY with tempo and speed) if you do it correctly then it’s possible to play this at about 240 to the quarter note. Not that you’d want to. Cuz it’ll sound horrible.


and i reply back to him 8) -

I’m a speed demon, 240 is the best sounding tempo for my tastes. Try using a midi program, and move the tempo of this piece up to 240, and imagine a pianist playing it with expression. It makes it a different piece, and in my view a better one.

dis was around exactly 1 year go - da SDC idea came about in around may - i had da idea

den i told it to zepp around da start of june - den we made da 1st post evah on da SDC

in fact i think i started thinkin about da community in june, den told zepp late june, DEN made dis post in july 2nd -


dis brings a teah to mah eye 8)

so im guessing that you got around the ip ban?

usin anonymizewrs shit

but i cant fuckin post or check mah messages - i sign in den da next move i make logs me out

its a bitch