Maltempo about to release 19 pimp rappahs

Recorded in 2015-2016 apparently … 20/?type=3

It was already released in 2016. … empo+liszt

Well, I saw it posted on da FB page, assumed it was a new release


da BAD TYMIN :whale: 8)

ahahahahah diz mofo obviouzly a legend


very much influenced by da LIBz "if u cant ziterape it, den u cant play it’ zchool of penizm :lib:

diz alzo mean whenevah he play a complete wutevah, moz of da zongz vil be A BIT ZHEEYAT due to mindlezz ziterape 8)

Children, remain calm.
The Fakland Islands have just been invaded.
I repeat, the Falklands have just been invaded!

He looks like da kind of dude who gets lots of Pussy

Did he pick up anyone at da Liszt comp?

Nope. He was super chill tho.
We had the bigass contestants group dinner and he was Alex (3rd prize, aka deep pedal orgy) were da only normal mofos there.