Marcelle Mayer

moi randomly listened to her recs a few days ago for the 1st time and simply was stunt by the beauty of her playing. her bach partitas and scarlatti sonatas is superb, direct, natural, not overly romanticized. tru, check her stuff out. worth listening for sho.


“She played her Camille Saint-Saëns concerto so wonderfully that Alfred Cortot threw himself onto the stage to kiss her.”

she’s also satie’s fave pianist.

Tru, her Scarlatti disc is LEGEND

i thought argerich partita no.2 is the best one already. heh, meyer definitely proved her bach partitas is superior.

the greatest bach partitas i have heard in YEARS. i gotta rip that for u, my man. it’s just phenomenal.

Please do. I would LOVE to hear those.

Yes, she´s a great pianist. I´ve heard her bach partita no.2 before, stunning performance! Would be great i you could upload it!