marik pwnage

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i like how tha MARIK mention tha prick 7 out of all tha prickz

az much az i love 8, 7 iz juz tha bezt tru :gav:

80% mofoz on da PS claim themzelvez to b talented, so even if he mentioned he could play all da chopetz, that wouldn’t make any difference to me since PS is indeed a BS site. u really have to take it w/ a grain ov zalt.

kritty i def agree

but tha MARIK iz definielty a TRU mofo

hear iz uzm linkz to hiz legendary zheeyat

25/6 … 422.0.html

zpanizh rappah … 423.0.html

hahahahaha daim

:hatto: pozz


wizout da TICKLAH to hold deze mofoz rezponzible diz iz da level of BZ u end up wiz (along wiz every jake pozt but dey iz not even worth quotin):

:g: :g:

Actually I’m pretty sure Hamelin’s Barber Fugue is faster and more furious than Horowitz’s.

About his thirds, perhaps everyone is aware that Hofmann once played the Minute Waltz in thirds without losing any speed. …becoz he playz da normal verzion too zl*w? duhhhhhh I rezpec da whoremann but about technique he was still below da DOC
and da ABM pozzibly fucked up in op.111 vid not quite match to any virtuoso…he wuz famuz bcoz he had fucking zmall rep (compare to da :rectum: or da ARRAU)
da OLDZCHOOL dat mizzing iz da :rock:

Hofmann’s finger tech is better than hamelin BUT the minute waltz thirds are MUCH slower than the beginning. He takes the repeat in thirds and slows down, but the beginner was damn quick.

Da :doc: pozzibly = da Hofmann fingah + Gould fingah and brain + da GOD countahpoint brain + :whale: effortlezz and alzo wikid thirdz from da :dong:

well I disagree, but I’m not going to argue about this again. Tiz too 88street, and, just quietly, I am fucking sick of all the spill over. The best thing about da sdc is avoiding 88street sheeyat. Although I would add that Marik is one of the very few people on that board who I respect.

You are a total douchebag.


bcoz i zaid da truth??? cant azzept dem??:…the truth is…in 10 years da TRUGOD will zurpazz all da peniz ever on diz planet. :stop: :stop:

You’re not a douchebag because I’m embarassed that you’ve revealed some profound truth about interpretation…but because you are a competent pianist who manages to have an astonishingly insensitive and uncritical listening ear as well as a very strong conviction that your bullshit opinions are indisputable.

To counter ONE of your embarassingly confused claims in your last post…saying that Hamelin’s understanding of counterpoint is as profound as Godowsky’s is the critical equivalent as the statement “I am deaf”. Godowsky was by no means an experienced recording artist, but his playing of his Schubert song transcription Gute Nacht (as well many of his other recordings) displays a level of contrapuntal awareness not even remotely approached by Hamelin in his vast recorded output.

da etudez randomly have more respec from moi dan chris does at the moment though.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA now dat ive finally heard diz rec, i can zay dat:

da GODO cuntrapuntal tech-control iz actually, EMBARRAZZINLY SHEEYAT

dere iz mo den 30 inztancez where da main melody lyn actually ZTAGNATEz whenevah a nu lyn entah. n diz iz not juz sheeyat mind-control, tiz az much da LACK OF FINGAH INDEPENDENCE dat cauze da melody lyn in one hand to be uneven, n a lack of HAND INDEPENDENCE dat forcez da gud lyn to MATCH NOTE FO NOTE da sheeyat evennezz of da nu lyn.

any mofo wiz above average tech-control/zitereadin zkillz wud be able to keep da evennezz of 1 lyn n not let da sheeyat evennezz of a different lyn ovahpowah it. da GODO, iz actually INCAPABLE OF DIZ.

diz iz juz laffable sheeyat :g:

hahahahaha da ZEPP iz da only mofo hu juz lizten to da recz 8)

n da jake iz banned fo uzin zendzpace

da only reazon i refrain from goin ape-shit on yo french azz is yo pozitively wikid av. :whale:

hahaha i vil juz reply wiz da fact dat i once randomly wrote an unfinizhed rock zong

named ape-zhit :dong: