Martha Argerich: 80 Year Old SUPER VIRTUOSO! How Is This Even Possible?

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Wow that was surprisingly good vid.

hahaha da Beato a bit of an annoyin twat but respec foh acknowledgin da :orgy: gensui

Tru da orgy a totally natural penist.

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Why do you consider him annoying? I like him.

Great video!

Tru hiz advocacy ov Jazz iz a bit twatty but otha den dat he iz cool :dong:

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Hahaha nah he’z alright. Every once in a while u c a mofo who u immediately dizlike foh no reazon… He kinda strikez dat chord foh moi

Hiz kid with da inzane perfect pitch pretty freaky too

I nevah understand dis attitude “I got bored performing solo recitals, so now I just do cuntcertos foh mad ztacks of dollah dollah billz”

da future of yuja too maybe

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she’z gonna live to like 120 fo sho

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I thought zhe already iz

Still to young for my old peniz fetish

:sunglasses: :fire:

Yuja might just retire at da top of her game (she has mad chops but I would not actively seek out her playing)