dis mofo is so legendary dat a legendary mofo named himself after dis legendary mofo - because he himself is a legendary mofo

dis is legendary, u mofos

da fact dat a legendary mofo named himself aftah dis legendary mofo consolidates its legendary status which in turn reaffirms da legendary-ness of said legendary mofo.


hahaha, u legendary mofo 8)

i am also a legendary mofo fo makin dis legendary mofo of a legendary mofo topic 8)

about a legendary mofo 8)

me wonders if there be a piece called “nerd”

If not, den it could be attributed to da lack of foresight when u named yoself. 8)

or foreskin - jews tend not to name demselves 8)

or forehead - den ur hair would start at the eyebrows level which would make u look quite stupid, hence da name sheeeyat…


How difficult is Mazeppa compared to the certain Chopin’s etudes or Fuex Follets ?

to perform dis u need whale-like endurance plus wikid eyesight. Othawize da tech iz all very straightforward. It will however, elicit more sweat den any chopet or FF.

we are still waitin fo a rec of ur eponym piece 8)

i’d rathah not disgrace ma credentialz wit a 7’00+ rec. 8)


u iz just sheeyat

5’40 it iz den. 8)

post yo masturbation rec

da mystical zepp must have humanly impossible speed in that case.


hahaha, dats rite