Medtner Concertos

you know the drill:
best recordings

the E minah is gorgeous

I like no. 1 a lot. Nikolayeva and Zhukov’s recordings are my favourites. Sudbin is good too.

Medtner’s recordings of 2 and 3 are good. And for a complete set, Scherbakov and Tozer are excellent.

i pretty much second everything chris said, except that i like 2 and 3 (tied) the most. also, avoid madge’s set at all costs.

I have the Scherbakov set.

Any chance of an upload of one of those recordings of the first concerto?

i’ll upload an LP rip of zhukov i have playing the 1st medtner and 1st balakired concertos.

Lugansky and Hamelin play good no2s.

Havent’t heard no1 and Medtner seams to play a great no3.

Can’t decide my favourite.

get the LP rip i just uploaded. no 1 is a very good concerto.

Any thoughts on the Demidenko recording of the second and third with Hyperion?

i dont like demidenko’s playing at all for that set. its too dry and a bit too heavy handed. tozer is much better for both. also, demidenko’s recording has crappy sound. it almost sounds like its in a tin can.

I don’t like Demidenko in anything he’s recorded. Even his Prokofiev 2 - a piece which, by and large, plays itself - I find a bit boring as hell.

My favourite is Scherbakov in the second concerto

Maybe it’s just the second concerto, but I didn’t think that Scherbakov’s playing was any thing extraordinary for that one.
Then again, I haven’t listened to the 2nd as much as I listen to the 1st and 3rd.

The main problem is; people don’t listen enough to medtner. Medtner is such an amazing composer, i think his night-wind sonata is one of his best works.