Medtner Zonataz Poll

I don’t remember what got me into Medtner, it wasn’t really one single piece but a collection of moods between the pieces. For example the opening of the NW Sonata (though I couldn’t get through the whole thing for ages). The opening of 38/1. And a few of the more tender skazki. Getting into the length and appreciating their narrative qualities came w/ time and life experience.

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Actually a big part of the reason I put that 3h Medtner video together is to offer an introduction to new listeners or people like the old me who couldn’t get into him.


I would say that the “easiest” sonata to start with Medtner is Op. 38/1. This was my introduction to him, in performances of Gilels and Richter. Next was op. 5 with Hamelin, Fairy-tales with Berezovsky, Tragica with Sudbin etc.


Op5 wuz actually firzt Zon I fell in love wiz.

My firzt expozure wuz diz piece via da compozerpeniztz cd -

and den DIZ legendary vid -

Actually for immediacy I juz zuggezt diz VID @mikey

Da DOC perf ov diz movement juz unmatched IMO even if otha peniztz might be betta in otha movementz

Even da ZEPP enjoy diz mvmt & vid zo datz zayin zumthin :sunglasses::avocado:


But tru hafin zaid dat da TRAGICA iz a great entry point, compact and to da point

Da ending ov da Tragica alwayz remindz me ov da Chopin Ballade 4 wiz itz double-note knotty writing

Takez great playing to pull off both in a way dat combinez intenze Fury and Clarity

PZ - my fav Tragicaz are -




You’ve been relatively MIA. You aight?

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Haha tru juz doin otha zheeyatz , howz da PrimoPogo?

I’m great.

Had my first SDC hissy fit a couple of days ago. Now, I officially feel like I’m part of the clan!

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daim which thread, i vil inzpect :sunglasses:

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I didn’t know Johnny Depp played the piano.

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haha he had to try zum alternative zince hiz movie career lookz lyk tiz cumpletely fuckd :sunglasses:


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