Megaupload faster?

was downloading stuff today off megaupload and noticed mah speed of download on mega has gone up from 80 to around 250kbps. I am expecting a line speed increase from 2 to 8meg but did a speed test on and its still under 2mb. anyone notice megaupload is faster? where is the megaupload server? must be UK coz theres no way i would get 250 with the distance from a US server.


Probably once in a blue moon.

for the last 5 downloads that i did, it has been at 240-250 consistently.

It used to be 30 KB/sec on average.

If that speed remains consistently, good news then.


Megaupload = :turtle:

its gone back to 120. i think there is less traffic during the day, so faster downloads. never really done much downloading during the day, so it was just a surprise to me.