Melodiya is sold to some private company for barely nothing

The Russian state has sold its Melodiya archives in a non-contested auction.

The sale price was 329.6 million rubles, which is a little over $5 million. But the two buildings that house the Melodiya recordings – at Karamyshevskaya embankment, 44, and Tverskaya Boulevard, 24/1 – are valued at 300-350 million.

So the recordings were essentially given away for free with the real estate.

The buyer is a company called β€˜Formaks’, which appears to be a deal broker, founded in 2015. The owners are named Mikhail Sukontsev and Dmitry Smirnov.


hmm, was there anything unissued there?
da Melodiya is not da Gosteleradiofond

Not sure, but there are quite a lot of recordings never made to CD yet.

Yeah we talked about this on another thread. Only 2 companies were allowed into the auction.