messiaen, but what

What is this? It’s from Messiaen but I have no idea what, I didn’t check the title or anything.
something.mp3 (224 KB)

that didnt sound like messiaen at all. are you sure its messiaen?

It was from a big bundle of random sheetmusic, and we sightread through it. I recorded it for fun. The person that was with me told me this was Messiaen, if I remember correctly…

Maybe it’s not, but I’d still like to know what it is :slight_smile:

pozzibly one of the preludes?

-da Meph

nope. it definitely isnt one of the preludes, vingt regards, 4 etudes, or anything else. i pretty sure it isnt messiaen.

the bird pieces?

-da Meph

no way. the bird pieces mimic the sound of birds, which makes them atonal. this piece is clearly tonal. its the closest to the preludes, but even those are a bit different, musically.

haha respec for all the work :slight_smile:

Some Depussy pozzibly?

tiz one of the preludes, Cloches d’angoisse et larmes d’adieu

beginning on p.33 of da durand edition :smiley:

dozen`t dat mean dat mah bad self iz quite right, and semi legendary?

anyway rexpec foh finding diz out.

du u haff austbø`s rec?

-da Meph

ahahaha rezpec tha Noombz mezz knowledg tru :lib: :whale:



haha thanks n rezpec. how difficult do you think the whole thing is??

Messiean is not atonal - he’s modal. He uses his 7 (I think) modes of limited transposition and superimposes the bird song on top of that.

i see. i need to get reacquainted with his music, i guess.

I thought he was atonal to, but then when these tonal chords (generally F#maj) kept appearing, I thought, this is rather wierd.
It’s interesting how he transcribed the bird calls coz they sing in micro tones, he had to adjust each interval to suit the pianos tuning.

Messiaen iz atonal from tym to tym. He iz modal from tym to tym. he goez into may more chormatic chordz in hiz latah piecez compared to da more modes of limited transposition chordz in hiz early workz

Sometimes Messiaen sounds good.


he always sounds good to ears that are trained and understand.