metal gear rising soundtrack

First game soundtrack I was compelled to buy. Ever. There are tons of shitty guitar covers (and a few good ones) but why the hell are there NO piano covers or anything?! Stains of time has Liszt like potential, a couple others would make great jam piano solos. Or have I just missed these somehow?

Check out Ukrainian pianist Viktoria Yermolyeva if you’re into that. VKgoeswild is her channel. She became known for metal covers.

She’s another one of those hot (let’s just call it what it is) Russian chicks who has no idea what to do with her hair. It’s weird how so many of them have screwed hair styles.

Ahh, yes, I have seen her. She’s got impressive talent for a “hot” cover artist. Unfortunately she hasn’t done anything from this soundtrack that I’ve seen, thought she’d probably be best up to the task possibly given what she’s done so far. What’s your opinion of bringing a metal song into a piano solo?

I’m not into it man – the covers or the metal. I just found out about her because I was searching for piano babes :rectum: You should email her and suggest some pieces for her :slight_smile: She seems down