So today I finally get caught up with all da Brett Kavanaugh gensui…and realized dasdc pozzibly da only platform in da univerze I zhud talk about tiz

I did not believe one word of dat crazy lady

othah recent sheeyatz dat iz mildly entertaining is rose McGowan and dat hoe bourdain killed hizzelf over

I feel bad fo real victims but most definitely take a pleasure in watching crazy bitches storiez unravel

I didn’t really pay any attention to this, and didn’t watch it myself. Igor Levit quoted some woman he “respects” as saying she felt “metaphorically raped” by Kavanaugh’s testimony. Though I don’t doubt that many allegations are true, so many people keep coming out of the woodwork with scores to settle.

Yes, I think the whole #metoo campaign has gone too far. Some guys really do need to learn how to behave around women, but even these people deserve a penalty in proportion to the crime as it were. Two or three famous TV personalities in xsdc land have had their careers permanently ruined because of #metoo accusations - which I suppose are probably correct, but it’s ultimately because of 1-2-3 women who SAY something. There are no witnesses, it’s not been tested in court - they’ve lost their careers and have been publicly exposed as scums & rapists by a torch & pitchfork crowd who have been given free reign even in traditional media. I don’t think this is the way to handle it.

I also have to say I rather doubt some of the voices in the campaign. A friend showed me a viral facebook post earlier this year from a girl who wrote “So, just had the 40th hand on my butt today in the subway”. I don’t believe that for one second. I don’t believe she’s had 40 unwanted hands on her butt in her life. If it had been that common I would have seen others do it myself, but fact is - aside from at pubs, parties etc where the girl has almost always been in on it - I have never seen a man grope or abuse a woman against her will in public.

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@xsdc right…and now its completely unacceptable to call them out on they’re bullsheeyat…

alzo …which da xsdc TV personality got fucked? da Louis mofo?

oh pozzibly da Roseanne mofo

When I get annoyed by this I just listen to segments of Bill Burr’s standup when he calls women out. It works every time.

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Hahaha I tried to PM you to help me start da thread and take part of tha heat @vladspeedster

it zaid da vladzpeedmofo iznt accepting messagez

den I realized I ate acid a few hours ago n I should be juz fine

Don’t know about the specifics of the original case, though I did read quite a persuasive article arguing that he’s an obvious liar (which doesn’t make him guilty per se).

I probably don’t agree with you mofos, in that of the women I know really well, it’s about 50-50 as to who’s been sexually assaulted, invariably by someone known to them, and generally I believe them. I’d further comment that almost invariably it’s gone unreported, a. because the legal process of dealing with it is so intrusive and it’s one word against another b. because reliving the trauma is traumatic in itself and c. the best time, forensically, to report it is asap after the event, at which point the female is least capable of processing the relevant facts.

Incidentally anyone who classes hand on ass in the same bracket as rape is grotesquely trivialising the latter, and it doesn’t do women any favours. There IS a serious problem in that there are situations where someone can cry sexual assault but the situation was far more of a grey area than the claim suggests.

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Haha dayum diz clinical analyzyz :doc:

I’m looking forward to da tm’z analyziz :slight_smile:

we should ztart da #TMToo movement and juz let dat mofo out of hiz cage upon da internet


xsdc land is Sweden, and I don’t think the TV personalities would be known internationally (though they are very well known by everyone here, after having hosted various TV shows for 25+ years). One is a carpenter kind of guy called Martin TImell, another a musician named Lasse Kronér, a third actually a woman named Lotta Bromé or something like that. I haven’t paid that much attention to it, but what I’ve read about the allegations against them have sounded more like really clumsy advances towards the opposite sex than any attempt at rape. Indeed, they tried to get the case against Timell to rape and took it to court, where he was unanimously freed of all charges. The prosecutor did not appeal. But he literally can’t show himself in public anymore after what’s happened, and will never be able to resume his work in TV.

  • #metoo for music ztandz?
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honestly it’s awful to think about what some of those lying, stupid bitches do to people.

I remember that kid from a few years ago…top high school athlete prospect…gets accused of rape…convicted…“victim” recants tha whole sheeyat a decade later

What bothere me the most is these men get their lives ruined just by the accusations… what the hell happened to “presumed innocent” until you have any proof?

Universities can also expel any student or teacher based on allegation alone… as they are private and can do whatever the hell they want…

That said, unspeakable things still go on (rigging, charging your own tuition paying students for lessons you owe them) and students are too afraid to complain.

Diz myzteruouz underworld…I’d like to hear more plz

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Men discussing #MEETOO LMFAO

All men: Meetoo has gone to far blablabla

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