Michael Finnissy - SKRYABIN in itself (played by moi)

I know contemp muz*c isn’t everyone’s thing here, but for those interested, here is a really lovely piece by Michael Finnissy, who you’re probably aware of from crazy classic shit like this…

This piece is pretty easy to get into – my first attempt at a piece that I love, and have played a handful of times since then. Finnissy’s beautiful ‘SKRYABIN in itself’ (2007-8). It’s a lengthy (c. 20’) fantasia in which Scriabin quotes - and things that sound like they could be (but actually aren’t) - intertwine, before eventually dissolving into pure obscure Finnissy that’s really lovely and challenging to interpret… My playing is getting more accurate and more free every time I play it, but I think this first attempt went pretty well all things considered! patience rewarded

Live 2019


Haha rezpec! actually zoundz very good , every otha zheeyat I heard from da FINNIZZY wuz cumpletely zheeyat

Must be a bastard to learn tbh. Rezpek! Dat 88 sounds really good btw.

Respect! Very interesting work, looks not so easy. I will post it on social networks of Croatian Scriabin Society :sunglasses:


thanks man!

Finnissy is a great musician and pianist actually, he has a shitload of music and only most of it is super harmonically dense ahah… the easiest pieces to get into are the transcriptions and short pieces like this, if you’re interested in hearing more

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Yeah his music is certainly very slow learning but worth it imo
da 88 was not great, if I played too FF (like @ the end) the action kinda failed and went limp, but the mic placement was good I guess haha

Iz u da jredmond??


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