Mikhail Pletnev - One ov da biggezt 88 talentz ov da century

Daim da mo I look into diz mofoz catalog ov recz n live perf I realize dat hiz tech wuz at da abzolute elite level and hiz interpz are daring and unique.

Not alwayz da bezt, but becuz he goez fo a rizk takin approach tiz often inzane n unique.

Da grand polozheeyat juz a completely :zepp: interp - in da moz legendary way :sunglasses:


si u zay u enjoy da PLATE rape ? :sunglasses:


Tru if I wuz da Thai police I wud gif him a :1st_place_medal: :sunglasses:


I do regret mizzing da PLATE’z Edinburgh rectal a few yearz back.

I notice he timed it fo a time when da LADYBOYZ ov BANGCOCK were alzo doing a show.


Hahah da modern plate iz a bit lackin compared to wut he wuz

he wuz a mofo wiz both inzane tech PLUZ rape inztrinctz

diz combo a bit lethal :sunglasses::thailand:

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Dirty fuckah. :sunglasses:

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Rezpec da Comme zpeed :calendar: :icon_stopw_sdc_473: :one::nine::eight::two: :comme::question: :sunglasses:

He’s a gigantic mofo

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Hahah I iz aware. And before I had only really zeen a few live zheeyatz n hiz mo priztine ztudio zheeyatz n wuz a fan but hadnt realized he wuz a mofo prone to inzane rape

I zhud haf known :sunglasses:

RAPED, tru, but raped with panache.


daiiiiim iz u zayin a :zepp: interp can alzo be

in zum cazez

unlegendary? :sunglasses:

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Y iz da PLATE not on da chopcump jury? :sunglasses:

Diz perf cumpletely GENSUI in every way, note in pardickulah:

Cumplete dizregard fo da CENTRAL OCT FURY dotted rhythmz to facilitate zpeed-rape

MART-Tranzin da recap to make da tymin look even mo inzane

Deze all clazzik SDC perf techz da PLATE haff maztahed, REZPEC :sunglasses:


late 90s/early 00s is peak Pletnev, combining his earlier awesome technical command with his later interpretative creativity/risk taking.

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Love his Tchaik tranz


All the way 1985-2006 here. I think many of his most remarkable both live performances and studio recordings are from the years around 1990, and personally I adore him right up to his retirement - even if I can appreciate the last years were too quirky for most people. Still, his 2005/2006 Maiden’s Wish and Gnomenreigen are as good as any I’ve heard, and I champion his Chopin Preludes from around that time too. Odd touches for sure, but artistically the work of a genius.

His best stuff was right around 2000-2005 imho

Love that Ballsy Ballade 1, op 111, 4 scherzi

He does not have a particularly pretty sound, and not meaty in fortes - but more than makes up for it wiz inzane control, clarity n quirkiness

I know I’ve brought this up before, but a dutch friend I spoke a lot to in my teens was a huge fan and went to hear him at a lunchtime recital in 2002 he had been talking up the whole season. The day came and I got hold of him that evening, at which point he was fuming with anger. He said a lot of things but the gist of it was that “Pletnev is too arrogant to bother to play well”. I think there’s some truth to that - regardless when you look during his career some times he’s simply not in to it, and he’s never been afraid to let people notice. It’s actually one reason I’m a bit wary travelling for him today myself (I’ve never heard him). I know that what I end up attending can be anything from a waste of time to a memory for life - and it’s not the program, but rather whether he liked the lunch and how well he thought he was greeted by the guy in the newspaper stand that morning (or so it seems).


My only qualm with him is his forte does not sound particularly meaty or lush, and he is fond of fucked-up modernist rubato


Hahahah u mofoz hu haf heard mo PLATE LIVE RECZ - wut are zum mo examplez ov hiz inzane rape approach lyk da GRAND POLO?

Da plate TECH a bit inzanely random. He occazionally zoundz lyk he haz average tech, den he randomly unleazhz zum zupah human zheeyat :whale:


My YT channel is full of him.

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