Minimalizt Practice efficiency

Fo buzy dayz, buzy lifeztylez.

Ideally to maintain or progrezz at da 88 we need hourz per day

But wut about da dayz where u haf barely any tym and haf to fit it all into letz zay - 30 minz

Wut wud yo 30 min prax routine look lyk?

Queztion 1 - Wut are da exercizez u feel are mozt ezzential to maintain and progrezz tech?

Queztion 2 - Wut piecez do u feel are da moz optimal to prax in diz zituation to maintain/progrezz tech?

I feel ezzential piecez to play thro at leazt once in diz zituation are -

da CHOP 10/1 10/2 n 25/6 fo RH tech n throw in da 10/12 fo zum LH tech maintenance

A brief OCT prax piece/improv wud alzo be ezzential

And queztion 3 iz -

How wud u warm up mozt efficiently to make zhor u avoid injury if u jump ztraight into deze piecez


My anzah to all 3 queztionz iz:

impro :zif:


HAHAH datz rite and actually ‘improvizin’ etudez iz a tech da ZIFF lykly uzed

Workin on zcalez by unleazhin an impro full ov zcalez, workin on octz by impro full ov octz etc

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Divide your 30 minutes.

  • Start with 5 minutes of warming-up-impro containing these elements: 5-fingers, scales (also in thirds/sixths, chromatic), arpeggioz, octaves, double notes. Or do some of the Brahms exersheeyats, they work very well.
  • 5/10 minutes a polyphonic piece (doesn’t have to be Bach)
  • 10/15 minutes a big Etude in :wim: tempo
  • rest of the time a part of a Sonata or anything you’re working on

I’d be curious to hear how @e60m5 does.

I’m hardly a good pianist so this is not a recommendation, but the way I do it, anyway, is to skip dedicated exercises altogether and draw them from the music I play instead. The first thing I do when approaching a new piece is to play it through and extract the passages I know will take the longest for me to master, and then those are my exercises.

Also, when sitting down at the piano I invariably begin similar to how Erwin recommends above. Improvisation is too fancy a name, it’s just free spinning across arpeggios, scales, thirds or wherever I end up. More often than not it’s also all I do!


It depends, but if I is maintaining a prog or tiz in da last stages of rectal prep, I would prax all da uncomfortable parts, den look at a few tempo transitions. Also make sure dat da first few seconds of da piece is gud

Dere is always sum spots n positions, especially in da Chopets 25/10 n 11 (where every detail must be present fo da rec) dat require mo prax, n I jus start wiz dose spots - being careful not to over drill machnically but always look fo a new way of thinking in rapin dem

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