tiz iz bettah dan in mah improv…

RESPEC trum*fo

haha, I iz da mofo!!!

ahaha TRU thiz iz a bit…DAIM! 8)

:ziff: :ziff:


rezpec tru :whale:

yeah, I thought my cheap camera shut down on me, because the red button wasn’t on, but it turned out that it recorded my performance after all :smiley: :smiley:

I need to get a good camera, so that I can record the liszt concerto with mah mom…

hahahhahahha :stop: :stop: :stop: :ziff:

gensui gnomereigen
very ziffra influenced


EDIT: Hhhahahahha da starin at da camera, gnesui

Your mom is a bit hot :blush:

I vill watch the gnomenreigen tomorrow, going to bed now.

rezpect - awesome

very gensui, well done. 8)

WHAHAHA DA MILF ATTRAKTION :laughing: :laughing: :dong: :dong:

inztead of zpamming wif ghey porn ozzibly nex tyme u shud spam wif porn dat featchah yo mom

Wow pretty good playing! I’d love to hear a recording of it in a room with better acoustics.

ok for this one i cant dizz you , quite good , but ztill da zpidah iz me favorite for diz piece from da time he recorded it

Fuck… I can hardly believe da trum*fo ztill dares to inzult da sdc wit hiz postz aftah everything he did in da pazt… tiz pathetic tru

Attention Whore!!!


wit skillz :dong:

daim, i iz a BIT awaitin’ da rob’s july 22nd rezpond to diz vid 8)