Mo pubic 88

Came across cheeky little 88 in need of moleztasheeyat.

Quite good condition, so an unleazh wuz forthcumming.

Impro here:

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I just laughed out loud because I was imagining you, a Skottizh klazzikal musician, saying that neologazm outloud.

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They let yo azz in wizout Da ghey Nazi jav-passport?

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Not needed for anything except nightclubs and 10k+ events, and the day my 88 playing draws 10k I’ll be pleasantly surprised :dong:


I have to get out of NYC asap. Hopefully I can secure SOMETHING out of state before all hell breaks loose… it’s really unethical the way these ineffective jabs are pushed, and I simply cannot get it just to appease some FAT WHITE office fuckhead.

Yo one of these days I really might snap and beat someone with a camera stand tripod.

As opposed to raping a music stand
:tmfury: :sunglasses:

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Clearly, the godless authoritarians were I sufferable long before the Great Reset, but now they’re feeling empowered.

If you take a public anti vax stance foreign dark money will flow in and make make your life amazing. Just gotta open up business or investment path they can pump.

Do you think these Yale skull and crossbones circle jerk illuminati republicans really take anti-VAX positions? Naw man they gettin paid in the most gloriously American way possible.

I’m not anti-vax, I’m anti forced-medical experimentation.

I am anti vax because it ruined two saturdays of mine already.

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