moi iz taking sum short tym out from diz forum(1-2 days)

zung,mah-bad-self has got ur suggeztion seriously

sum dudez lyk da doctor S.H.eeyat hav irritated moi too much, n i can’t put up with dat ne longer.

so i randomly decided to Take a short tym out from diz legendary faroom pozzibly for 1-2 dayz, n den i promize dat i’ll cumback as a pure and refreshed sdc-membah dat iz really contribute to da forum wit hiz posts

Da rectum

you take this shit too seriously and have no life. obviously

hahahahahahahaha i find diz cg yet respecable 8)

hahaha FUCK,

respec for yo seriousness

last year, there waz lezz dan 10 mofoz pozted each day and everyone waz complaining (lezz dan 5 pozts in sum day). Now, we haff many new mofoz, but alot ov dem iz uzeless. i’d rather haff a zmall group ov mofoz than a large number ov useless fellowz.

everybody triez az harsh az he can to mofo … but dere iz difference in da definition of mofoznezz in everybody elze’z dictionah-D !!
i iz quite nu tho but i feel much of a comfortable herrrrreee… tho not everybody seem to lyk me ha !

dat’s not tru, zupah, i hav a large respec fo you

i have repsect for everyone, although da rectum iz pm’ing me how he hatez me and bla bla and i don’t lyk dat sheeyat

i don’t really hate u, n i don’t hate anyone, but you juzt annoyed moi too much, so i got crazy

k problem solved :god:

Can u make it 1-2 years?

thanks for ur help !