Moiseiwitsch - yo favorite recs?

Diz mofo iz in my top 3 penizts tru.
I love almost all his recordings.
He has a really glowing old world sound, so amazing in Chopin and Schumann.

Da Schumann Fantasy, both recs of da Brahms Handel, Chopin 4 Scherzi and 4 Ballades, 24 Preludes.

Even his last recordings of Schumann Carnaval and KREIZ.
Oh man…
His only weakness was octaves, apparent in the Tchaikovsky 1 recording most of all…

But that doesn’t matter so much… he was infinitely great. He could be elegant to a fault, no thumping - in that sense, I prefer Friedman’s wider palette of characters and sonority.

It would have been very interesting to hear his Liszt Sonata…

Didn’t we do this thread already?
My favs are Brahms Handel and Invitation to the dance.

Da Weber-Tausig invitation to fuck is pretty wikid!

Pozz :blush:

Mendelssohn/Rach, Rach B minor Prelude, maybe the 2nd concerto… I’m also very fond of his late Deccas, though I seem to be the only one.

His live recordings on Pearl – in recital. They show his style and imagination, even way late in his career.

His late Chopin recordings, the ones which Philips republished in the Great Pianists series.
Barcarolle and Nocturne Op. 62/2 almost make me cry every time I listen to them.

The Beethoven Sonatas and Mussorgsky pictures were a bit disappointing instead.

My favorite moiseiwitsch’s recordings are

Chopin : Nocturne, Op.72 (HMV acoustic recs.)
Chopin : Valse No.11, op.70-1 (HMV acoustic recs.)
J.Strauss-Godowsky : Fledermous (HMV EL recs.)