Morbid Angel - Immortal Rites



hah rezpec fo this, but I think i’m out of my Morbid ANgel phase.

german metalcore -

n diz juz tazty sheeyat :smiley:

metalcore is faggish… but then again morbid anal has also been gay for quite zum time :frowning:

comme, that was pretty bad…


metal bands worth listening to -

here’s a couple of the most ridiculous fucking guitarists ever - just listen one minute in and you’ll understand

here’s Darkest Hour -–w_oE0c2ZM (used to be good friends with Kris Norris, get backstage)
they’re fucking crazy live, do pyramids and shit. (same band)

of course, At The Gates (legends) … re=related (The Crown)

(catamenia POWERFUL black metal)

Capharnaum (SICK guitarists) no live videos … re=related

comme haz zheeeyat tazte

randomly limp bizkit hiz fav band???

tru da limp biz

n naturally i noe a few ov doze sheeyatz, but i ztand by lykin wut i lyk

i juz keep rollin baby

u noe wut tym it iz :stop:


i c :rectum:


music iz lyke food, depenz on yo tazte

limp bizkit quote]