More Ho early broadcasts

March 17, 1928
Rachmaninov Concerto No. 3 with Koussevitzky in Boston

January 2, 1932
Rachmaninov Concerto No. 3 with Hans Lange and the NY Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall.
WISN Columbia Network
Mentioned in the Brooklyn Eagle as broadcast on January 3, 1932, pozz typo.

May 4, 1932
Brahms 2 and Liszt 2 with Pierre Monteux and the L’Orchestre Symphonique de Paris from an American tour.
Post and Telephone Station (PTT) broadcast (France)
concerti + encores!
The only archive which possibly might have held such a broadcast was destroyed in a fire many years ago.

April 23, 1933
Beethoven Concerto No. 5 with Toscanini and the NY Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall.
Their first concert together.
Part of Toscanini’s Beethoven cycle.

March 11, 1934
Liszt 2 with Willem van Hoogstraeten (not sure of the orchestra) while on tour in the US.
Encore: Stravinsky’s “Danse Russe” from “Petroushka.”
WJZ (the precursor to WABC in New York?)
“Cadillac Hour” program.
WABC doesn’t have it. The Museum of Television and Radio doesn’t have it.
The Library of Congress has the NBC archives, and there are few recordings from before 1935.

April 2, 1934
Beethoven Concerto No. 5 with Stokowski in Philadelphia

Any of those would be insanely legendary

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The Liszt Conc 2 tailor-made for Da :ho:

I’m an optimist Someday the illuminati will trade some of this for a baby or something

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I mean, the Friedman Tokyo stuff from 1933 surfaced…

So close

Apgar’s original wax cylinders are lost – but samples of his recordings survive, courtesy of an uncoated aluminum aircheck of Apgar’s appearance on station WJZ in New York on December 27, 1934.

Ho letter asking not to broadcast an April 8, 1934 perf opr he will not appear…

but did in fact broadcast the Brahms 2 on Feb 11, 1934:

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