most intense Brahms 4 ever

from a 92 year old Stokowski. amazing performance

Agreed. Sublime!

Those are some sumptuous strings!

Stokowski was a bad ass MOFO.

This wasn’t why I brought it up, but now I have, does anyone have a FLAC of this BBC Legends performance?

Is there a disc of this performance? I don’t do YouTube

Yes, BBC Legends released it a couple times, once in a box-set

For me, Furtwangler did the most intense Brahms 4ths ever. Both the Wiesbaden performance (1949) and Berlin (1943) are overwhelming.
This Stokowski is great too, I haven’t heard this performance in years but I remember it as something gripping.

My favorite performance is annoyingly one where I know neither conductor or orchestra… I taped a late broadcast off Swedish radio some time around 1998, and once I had switched to the B side of the cassette for the encores I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I had the most heavenly Brahms-4 imaginable at the end of the tape. But it just began playing immediately after my broadcast, and the tape ran out before the performance finished, so I still don’t know which recording it is.

well you could anally note down the timing of the first movement and then compare it to the timing of every available broadcast and recording you can find, and listen to the ones that are within 10 seconds or so.

I could… :smiley:

I feel my life is taking a new direction tonight.


Was it Stokowski who got his signature strings sound by having his players bow at different times? With the Philadelphia Orchestra I seem to remember?