Most random request ever

does anyone have the Piano Phase sheets? i need a piece for a lecture-recital STAT. imma learn it and do it like dis mofo:

Why would you wanna do that?

No, really… I simply don’t get it.

Fake/pseudo-intellectual real reasons:
I’m of intrigued by physicality of it
I like minimalism (I actually do)
It 's cool to hear the changes in harmony as it goes, kind of like watching shadows slowly shift position over the course of a day.

Real reason:
I want to piss at my school people off. For my first recital here I did 2 hours of Messiaen and for my last I want to do something even more ridiculous that takes a sixteenth of the prep time. :smiley:

i am confuzd az welll

haha awesome. i hope you can go through with it.

btw what was your 2 hour messiaen program? id kill to see a 2 hour messiaen program (i love messiaen).

Haha, now THAT I can get on board with :slight_smile:


I actually like this. But then again, once you’ve heard one phase, you’ve heard em all.