most wikid shock-tactic moments in music

what’s “ww”?

World War?

yea , explain that to moi

winter wind u fuckahs

-da Meph

fuck … y do i sleep … whaling meph at da boilin point

it sounded harsher than it wuz ment :doc:

-da Meph

Not for piano, but the start of the devolpment of Tchaik 6 is awesome! i’ve heard it so many times and it still makes me jump! from ppppp to fff.
A harmonic shock is da start of doberman’s valley where emin turms into gmin.

Pluss in da central fury of da noct 27.1

da kritty iz pozzibly shamefull again?

-da Meph

I can’t believe nobody haz mentioned da Haydn “Surprize” symph and da Buz 88 tranzcrip thereof!

the begining of liszt’s b minor sonata

Da end to da etude op.25 no.5, the last bar has FFF

Prick Sons give heart attacks.

Da early version of Totentanz iz a WIKID shock tactic. Instead of piano and drums, a church bell tolls in the distance and the Dies Irae is heard softly. In the words of Lewenthal “This sinister soft opening makes the ensuing orchestral crash and wild piano cadenza sound startling enough to wake the deadâ€.

ahahaha da coldfart iz wikid

Da best shock-tactics though…

Medtner Sonata Romantica between 1 & 2
Scriabin 8-9 jumps between FF and PPP every other bar @ :stop: z
Appass 2 to 3

:ho: Scriabin 8-12 in Moscow gave me chillz

randomly dis usahname seemz a bit familiar

i talked to this mofo over da AIM, hes a new member, a convert from da 88street who has realized his sins and wishes to be cleansed here. he aint another trumofo-ish member.

i c

but I thought he wuz from da cf or something

haha no. i dont think i can find any of those members on any other forums. i do see da madame on gamingforce every now and then. tony is on chopinmusic, and cvalkan is on pianophilia.

hahaha FUCK! da tony.

Da madame shud come here on a regulah basis

gavrilov’s winter wind is the fastest ever.