most wikid shock-tactic moments in music

da ww cums to mind

what else?

fo a wikid effect
dere should be no caesura between da slow-ass second mvts and da bad-ass third mvts of da beethoven sonatas

one of da most wikid is da transition to da finale of da appass

da luddy ingeniusly inserts random FURIOUS arps

Mendelssohn’s Rondo Cappricio is another good example but it isn’t nowhere near as furious compared to da WW.

haha, yep dat is good, but da WW goes from ppp lento

to fuckin PRESTO FFFF within a split second 8)

dis is legendary sheeyat

da 2nd chopballade also has a similar thing
after da long soft andantino beginning (and rit. and dim. and poco a poco più tranquillo etc etc) there be da sudden presto con FUUUURRYYYYYY, which be marked ff but should be played ffff

hahaha, dis reminds me i haff to make a topic about da ligeti

da ww ownz all, nuff said 8)

Haha, I can remember when I brought da Gav’s recording of da chopets for my friends to listen and put on da WW. Then they said dat “Dayum we can’t hear sheeyat, turn up da volume!” Well, I did it and suddenly:



My ears were ringing for 20 minutes after dat. And my friends crapped their pants. 8)

Da GAV’s WW iz sheer perfection. it clean sweeps all 4 records:

da slowest intro
da softest intro
da fastest main sect
da loudest main sect


Chopin never wrote anything beyond ff.


Da chairman made an unforgivable mistake.

you’re fired…

actually, da chop unleashed his tru girth at da climax of da 10/4, penning a brothel-shaking ‘FFF’.

but i agree, da chairman should be fired


You deserve my RESPEC. Me rarely see Chopin’s fff, but 10/4 in bar 70 there is.



i know man

im just showin u how i wud perf dat fuckah

…if u could play da piano 8)

:cry: :frowning: :cry: :angry: :blush: :laughing:

da sheer defiance iz genius 8)

da fury hath no remorse, nor no restraint says:
im considerin learnin dis fuckah
da ziff says:
…if u could play da piano

da sheer plagiarism is genius 8)


just cuz i feel like adding to this topic, chopin’s “wrong” chord at the end of his first scherzo is also fff. 9x… “in yo face, harmony”. 8)