moz wikid glizzandi piecez?



esa-pekka salonen’s dichotomie has some sick glissando parts. i saw it performed last week. the pianist said she had to play it with fingerless gloves when she gave the world premiere.

Kapustin wrote an Etude in Glissandi. I cant remember what its like and the CD is in a box under my bed and I really cant be arsed getting it. I imagine its fairly interesting though.

Salonens first name always makes me laugh Esa-Pekka. It reminds me of the character Makka-Pakka from the kids TV programme In the Night Garden. Not that I watch it! But he has a stupid little song too which goes -

Makka Pakka,
Akka Wakka,
Mikka Makka moo!

Makka Pakka,
Appa yakka,
Ikka akka, ooo

Hum dum,
Agga pang,
Ing, ang, ooo

Makka Pakka,
Akka wakka,
Mikka Makka moo!

How the hell thats educational for kids, ill never know.

I believe it’s Thompson (?) who wrote a glissando etude as well, which ends with a whole-tone gliss. Pretty neat

Is this the one? -

third movement of petrouchka

damn…that’s a nice glissando tech, comme.

i truzt in da commez ability to impro a zuperiah glizz et 8)

if you like shitty showpieces, look at aaron jay kernis’s superstar etude no 1. it also requires gloves with the fingers cut out to be worn. and you even use your feet at times.

I hate that piece, Lang Lang should play it

dayum…datz a harsh statement.


Oh yeah, theres Liszts 10th Hungarian Rhapsody

Oh and the ones in Totentanz are cool too. Anybody Heard Brendels Totentanz? Pretty good

We don’t mention that name around these parts… you know, unless it’s done in a wildly derogatory fashion :slight_smile:

i cant imagine brendel doing any liszt even remotely well. or anything, really.

Well I don’t really have anything against his early stuff on Vox. It’s not legendary the way most great pianists’ early recs are… but there’s some alright playing there, I guess. Even though he clearly doesn’t have the technique for it, there’s nothing in the Vox discs worth hating him over. But then he decided to become a ‘scholar pianist’ and we all know how that story ends…

Listen to his Chopin Polonaises some time. Anyone who could put out a piece of shit that bad should have their ‘great pianist’ title revoked.

there is a kapustin etude that uses glisses. its a pretty good piece, but not spectacular.

Stockhausen Klavierstück X


wow impressive.

Yeah, I’d agree that the piece sucks; but for a glissandi etude, what can you do?

I will mention the pieces that everyone else probably will for glissandi: Ondine, Liszt’s 10th HR, Waldstein, Brahms Pag vars, and that goddamn Ravel (err Alborada?) with the 5ths or 3rds I forgot.

how about sokolov’s “gliss” at the end of winterwind.