mozart = shit or wikid?

u think…

  • shit, his music is just so shit dat i begin to contemplate suicide immedietly upon exposure
  • wikid, he is a wikid mofo wit tru street cred, he aint no pussy, ppl just play him like a pussy

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u decide

u decide?

What kind of shit pole is this!

Beethoven rules da piano

Mozart every other aspect of composition.

If you don’t believe me, here’s your punishment.

Put a finger in your ass and say a hundred times Mozart is the greatest composer that eva lived!

i disagree, i dont like mozart dat much 8)

da nerd will haff his say soon

So what have you heard, alla turca and variations on twinkle little star?


all moz piano pieces me has heard haf been shit
or at least dey’fe been played like shit
me has also tried to play em and it takes so much energy tryin to play dem wif fury you’ll leave wif no energy to actually play da fury out (8)) and thus me understands why dey be played da way dey r
so, clearly moz was an enemy of fury
me duzzint like him
he duz haf some kewl orchestral pieces tho [tho dey be nowhere near penderecki (me worders why… 8))]

me voted for shit
evil laughter



Enemy of fury, you don’t know what the fuck youre talking about. i’d like to see you play on a piano from 1700.

He puts da fury in his orchestration.

Anyways no point discussing with ppl that have a child molestor as a role model

Fuck y’all talentless gits

da doctah plays mozart?



Those who negatively voted for Mozart are my eternal enemy. It’s against my will, thus they shall be punished.


hahaha, u said dat wit authority

but where is proof of yo authority? 8)

Dont piss with Da kritty.

The consequences are way beyond your imagination.


i will piss wit u all i want 8)

well said.


hahaha, indeed i said dat well

I rest my fackin case

hahaha DATS RITE!!!1