Mozart'z Non-88 workz

da ZART iz a zumwut cuntroverzial figah here

I occazionally am in da mood fo hiz 88 workz, but not often, az da FIZTAH zayz - dey iz twee, cute, pretty but don’t draw me in often

But hiz non-88 workz, when U explore dem u realize hiz TRU GENSUI

Hiz zolo 88 workz are among hiz weakezt IMO and hiz Operaz, late concertoz, chambah muzik, zymphz, often mo gensui

Do u mofoz haf any favouritez?

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haha zhorly cuz da harpzizheeyat zound weakah den a fuckin flute :sunglasses: :wim:



Da zart 20 a tru maztahpiece

Alzo da moz legendary cunc in termz of efficiency

Bazically reachin 80% ROCKY3 level uzin 8% of da notez :sunglasses:


Right now I am especially listening to the Symphony no 35. Symphonies 39-41 are great. And the piano and violin sonatas. Also the clarinet concerto


Mozart’s piano concertos are much better than the piano sonatas


da 4th mvmt ma fav

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He’s cuntraverzial here?
I wouldn’t have thought any less so than other pre romantic cumposers.

Tiz well known his zolo 88 zheeyatz are not his best (which is why I’m still surprised da Haydn 88 works havent burst through).

The mature violin zons are amazing - emin (trio section is sublime), small bb my fav, the 2 eb’s.
Kegelstatt, gmin string quintet, quartets, requiem of course.

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Hahaha da :nigga: n BACH much mo rezpecd on da SDC den da ZART

hahahah tha d majah two 88 zon iz zumtymz wikid when u dun want to lizten to a zolo 88 zart zheeyat :chop:


Tru, I forgot about dat zheeyat. Alzo, dere are zum wikid 4 hand zons.

Alzo, zhould it be zpelt Mosart? What is protocol z in mofo?


hahahaht tha SART :whale:


Haha da Mozart in a minah key alwayz bringah zum zmooth gensui

I used to feel da same way, but I find dat appreciation for his solo-88 works comes later in life, at least for me. Now I could play Zart sonatas all day every day and not get bored. imo da most satisfying rep out there to play.

Da violin/piano sonatas are really good too. I play a couple of these with a friend and it’s just so much fun.

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da moz WTF ztatement I haf read on here in a while

rezpec! :sunglasses: