Mozt beautiful Melodiez ov all tym

By melodiez in diz caze - I mean melodiez dat u can zing/hum

I nominate a few -

Rach - Trio no1
Tchaik - 88 Trio openin theme
Zchubert - Ave Maria
Chopin - Noct 48/1
Chopin - Noct 9/1

Actually I might juz ztop dere n zay all Chop Noctz :sunglasses:

Alzo diz -

Chopnoct 55-2, Chopzon 3 zlow movts
Pimp: benedicktion, lezbo dream 3

And da TYGA: “ridin on ma :dong: “ arguably da mozt bootiful

Zong wizout notes :sunglasses:

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Actually zpeakin ov Mendy…

Diz 1 ov da moz beautiful melodiez alzo tru

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That was also really beautifully played.

I have no idea which the most beautiful melodies are, but Schubert and Chopin are the first to spring to mind in the context. Rach and Mendelssohn certainly had the gift too.

One from way out of left field… Szymanowski?

I think most of my favourite melodies would not come from 88 music. Considering just piano rep, the only thing that comes immediately to mind is the middle section theme of Chopin op 54.


Which piece? Op4 no3?

Yup, know what you mean.

Pozz “Ah! non credea mirarti” (La Sonnambula) is my pick.

Zpeakin ov operatic zheeyatz

Why iznt dere dat many POOCH parazheeyatz?

Even da Tchaik had zum operatic parazheeyatz done by da gensui writin ov da PABZT - one ov da few few mofoz hu wrote parazheeyatz on da PIMP level

Because the whole concept had totally gone out of fashion. Da BUZ pozz da last big cumpozah to indulge.

Da PABZT sheeyat iz cunziztently good.

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Az cliche az iz iz, da nezzun dorma a legendary tune, diz need a wikid 88 trannie written fo it

haha found diz mofo

DAIM!!! diz a bit wikid!

Yeah, I’ve cunzidahed doing one, tbh. There’s an American mofo who isn’t famous but has quite a lot of POOCH parasheeyatz written out, and they’re decent. I can’t remember his name though.

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HAHAHAH diz mofo appear to be a ZCOT :uk:

Actually zum FEZTIN/thal ztylee in diz tranz ztylee wiz zweepin arpz

I’ve mentioned it before but William Hirtz did a great paraphrase of Arlen’s Wizard of Oz in a Lisztian style.

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Diz alzo a wikid parazheeyat made famouz by da WYLD

Yeah, Wild did some super stuff. I think his :rocky: song trannies pozz da bezt of hiz output?

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Ahaha, I was sure I remembered about this POOCH IMPRO existing!

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Festin’s got Puccini covered, but why is there a grand total of 1 parazheeyat on Carmen? I saw it on TV a week back, and it just lines up hit song after hit song.

Also, I haff an arrangement of the intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana lying around somewhere but never recced it.