Mr. Bungle

A very off-the-wall band composed of four pretty amazingly talented musicians who manage to cram death metal, jazz, pop and just about every other style into their albums. This is their 2nd one entitled Disco Volante:

(anyone familiar with Faith No More–this was Mike Patton’s other band)



Mike Patton is fuckin gensui

randomly dere are 4 trackz mizzin?

ahahahaha i love “ma meeshka mow skowz”…never heard anything like it. It sounds like fitting accompaniment to the most far out Ren and Stimpy episode you could imagine.

Randomly used to be friends with Mike, he’s one of the those guys who can pick up any instrument and automatically play it–quite amazing. Sorry about the missing tracks, didn’t realize I had trimmed down the album a while ago. I’ll post their latest one, California (apparently Anthony Kiedes stole their idea for the title, “Californication”), if anyone’s interested.


Faith No More… This takes me back. :open_mouth: Live at Brixton Academy & Angel Dust were the soundtrack to my early teens (which explains a lot, now that I think about it).

I never got around to hearing Mr Bungle - thanks Koji!

Man, Angel Dust is SUCH a great album.


wow this stuff iz fuckin WACKED!! :laughing:

rezpc Koji thx fo thiz

Here’s their last album, “California”, quite a bit more pop-oriented (they even do a great do-whop song!):


Video from their first album:

Original title of this song was “Travolta”, but apparently they got into licensing trouble with that, heh.

koji … ed&search=

My favorite song off the 1st album, with the gensui lyrics:
It’s not funny, my ass is on fire
parapalegic, inhuman liar


i fucking love Mr. Bungle, and this is my favorite album, although they all are amazing.

I randomly have a vid of them live somewhere (huge vid) it’s damned impressive.

I assume you’ve heard Fantomas as well? (Patton’s solo voice project - pretty ridiculous)

ah i see you posted my 2nd fav - California is … beautiful, so different.

randomly, one of my friend’s hadn’t heard Mr. Bungle, and we got high together, played it for him, and he started crying. Good ol’ early highschool

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH diz band juz beyond legendary

a celebration of eclecticizm wiz an inzane random zenze of cohezion :gav: