Mr Nobody plays Trenet

Apparently Weissenberg recorded a bunch of Trenet songs on the flip-side of the Charles Trenet LP under the pseudonym “Mr. Nobody”, and Weissenberg later admitted to it.

Recently Hamelin played one of the piece “En Avril, a’ Paris” as encore. And I have read that there is a flac rip floating around on the internet. Perhaps some of you have it?

tru i haff it but i got it from here :gav:

alzo tiz on mah old comp which iz not here, but zhorly zumone haz it :doc:

yeah cvx_melody posted it back in the day.
It’s really good stuff.
I’m about to go to uni but I’ll post it when I get back, assuming no one beats me to it.

I’ll post it, but I don’t have flac. For an LP from the 60s I’d think FLAC is hardly necessary. Your call. … senberg(2.flac/

this one is flac, though I agree it doesn’t make a difference.

awesome guys, thanks so much.

Anyone knows if Hamelin has any plan to release the score?

He said he would, but I don’t know if he has yet.

i think tha COQ tranz’d it at zum point pozz? :lib:

Thanks guys and to brew for the ul. I had come across his ‘Avril en Paris’ on Youtube and was actually going to request these.