I’ve had to play his Time Pieces and decided to delve into a bit more of his output. Turns out there’s quite a lot of piano music which is highly regarded (so I read).
The Time Pieces and the Flute Sonata are really cool - rhythmically exciting with lyricism. Barber was major influence, Bartok too, but less astringent.

The Toccata inspired by a car crash

I agree - he is very cool composer to play! I played his Sonata for Saxophone and Piano and it’s an excellent work. Apparently his Trio for clarinet, cello and piano is also very good.

Needs to be faster I think. But it has potential.
Did you ever play any Agnew? I think his sonatas are worth exploring.

Listened to it today - yeh, it’s very him. I’ve sight read it but not played it. Based on what I’ve heard his chamber music is worth exploring. There’s a Paganini Variations for piano (the same theme…) but I don’t think it’s overly great.

My teacher said the same. I’ve seen a few scores. Post Romantic no?

Yes, kinda derivative Scriabin. But worthwhile imo.

Good for an Aussie :medal_silver:

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Was in a music score the other day and found a copy of Agnew’s sonata poeme cheap. Can’t find a rec though.
Says Sitsky recorded them all. He studied with Petri(!)?

Yeah, he did at Mills college. That’s probably where his interest in Busoni started. I’ve heard his recordings of some of the Agnew, they were good from what I remember.