Murray Perahia

wtf, i’m amazed that you’ve never heard of rusnak before. he’s becoming like the new horowitz

ah i lay the blame of that on my geography - we hardly get good stuff here in singapore. its all shit and 90% of piano players worship jay chou.

dude, you at least get to see concerts, I know that big name pianists play in S’pore. They don’t in my country

i only managed to watch kenneth hamilton and angela hewitt recently; most concerts are priced too far out of the average music student’s reach. the last big name that came was vladimir feltsman (but im whining lol)

u get kizzin once a year right

since when!? not true!

yeah, so true!!!

best one (and only one) i can recall is hamelin who played at melb uni… :whale:

the last time berezovsky came i was still a peon who hardly knew about this sheeyat and now I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED IT

da dong will soon visit u mofoz there. he will go everywhere.


:dong: has already left the building.

I have a huge gripe against the selection of “international artistes” the Singapore Symphony Orchestra picked for their yearly roster of so-called “Gala Concerts”.

Why, one wonders, is tickets to Emanuel Ax’s Chopin F-minor PC more expensive than Yefim Bronfman’s Brahms 2?

Why is Vlad Feltsman playing year after year?

Why is there another Rach 3 again?

And why is Hamelin playing Mendy 1? For fuck’s sakes, man…

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Fri 27 June 08
[color=yellow]Emanuel Ax Chop 2
(Mr Ax is holding his recital in Malaysia (Petronas Towers) and not S’pore. C’mon man, ppl. Where are your priorities?)

Sat 23 Aug 08
[color=blue]Yefim Bronfman Brahms 2

Sat 4 Oct 08
[color=green]Vladimir Feltsman Prok 1

Sat 29 Nov 08
[color=orange]Hamelin Mendelssohn 1

Thu 22 Jan 09
[color=red]Nelson Goerner Schumann PC
Chris: will need some advice on this, to bootleg or not?

Valentine’s Day
[color=violet]Sergio Tiempo Liszt PC 1
Probably not going.

Sat 28 Feb 09
[color=darkred]Steven Osborne Shosty PC 1

Sat 7 Mar 09
[color=brown]Demidenko Tchaikovsky PC 1
Good god, WHY???

Fri 24 Apr 09
[color=blue]Barry Douglas Beethoven “Emperor”
Prob not going.

Fri 15 May 09
:whale: Rach 3
Maybe, maybe not. Will bootleg just for you mofos if I’m not emo that night

I like the Mendy 1, just not :doc: yeah?

um, no. this yr we have Ax, katsaris, Bronfman. Ax is playing right in the middle of finals so I can’t go, And kat is only playing in Brisbane which might as well be another country it’s so far away. Australia is a cultural backwater, especially musically.

lol i heard Kizzin alwayz go to Zydney
Auztralia pozz not a place i want to go/live

You’d probably love it actually. It’s certainly a great place to visit. I have a love/hate thing going on at the moment, but if I moved overseas I’d probably miss it heaps. But musically it’s very limited, even da NZ gets more top pianists performing there. :zepp:

tru da AUZ orchz nevah invite moi 8)

Who is Da Whale?

also, yeah ive noticed feltsman plays almost every year. the gala artistes thing is mostly a joke, any serious musician will tell you Singapore is not the place to go for success in arts.


zurfacin at a zhore near yo azz zumtym zoon