Murray Perahia

I am wondering where amongst this crowd of “legends” Perahia fits - I’ve been listening to his Chopin Etudes and Schubert late sonatas but no one on here seems to discuss him much.

(I prefer his chopin etudes to Pollini’s. Does anyone have any other pianists to recommend?)

:dong: :dong:


Among the crowd of legends he fits as the bloody garbage truck driver

you haff much to learn :comme:

I like the Perahia. CoQrsme duz you haz hiz partitas rec?


get gould, not pariahshit

yes Gould is better, so are many others. Its decent though

hahahh da papaya

zum ov hiz zart iz randomly enjoyable

a bit hilariouz zelf-proclaimed HO dizciple, and randomly learnt from da Horzowski too

da double-HOe-factor

tru :ho: :ho:

rezpec fo turnin da zolution into da problem itzelf 8)

his mozart is great for sho but that’s about it. his other recs is no where near the legendary ones.

Would you consider his style of music less…erratic?.. than the rest - more easy as a target say, for us lesser mortals to emulate.

(I don’t have his Partitas. Care to upload?)

he is generally rather bland imo, not brendull bland but still unremarkable. But I’ve heard some live chopin ballades that were, surprisingly, quite dynamic. The chopets used to be a running joke around these parts because of his hardcore posing on the cover :whale:

chopets - compared with pollini which would you prefer?

john rusnak

tiz correct :doc:

and folks here never mention anything about Dang Thai Son? :whale:

ive never heard of john rusnak before, has he made any other notable recordings?

also, have any of the legendary lot made complete chopets?

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concurred :comme: