MUZ WATCH -how to get out of a fakerudy zituation

AHAHAHAH imagine u iz a penizt wiz sheeyat tech, an unreliable memory, n goin up againzt a huge mofo of a conc n a conductah determined to chaze u down

20secz into da 3rd mvmt

DIZ happenz:

AHAHAHAH but juz wen u think all hope iz lozt, diz biatch haz one mo trick up her znatch

da well known

nevah ztop no mattah wut tech :whale:

god that was a trainwreck. kudos for somehow finding a way back though. 8)

ahah the guy who posted seems to be the conductor. i hope he asked her€ before posting that. 8)

I’m never playing Rach 2 or 3 ever again.

I bet 90% of the audience didn’t even notice. If memory serves, Rudy tried to keep playing but it was beyond recovery :comme:

It’s sad. This piece is a right of passage for people who a) want to be taken seriously as interpreters of russian piano music b) want to prove they have a big technique. This pianist obviously thought she could prove her colleagues, teachers etc. wrong by playing a piece that she just couldn’t handle. Hell, 90% of the pianists who can handle it technically should still not play the piece. Technique is necessary but insufficient.

fuck me that’s a horrible situation.
I’ve been working on this movement for a while now-it’s hard, what can I say.
Still this could happen to anyone (bad day, shitty concentration, etc)-in this case it’s obviously not nearly secure enough for the stage, either that or she just sucks. Probably both.

Who is this person and why is she playing it with orchestra when she’s not ready?

Thracozaag why do you say that? Have you had a bad experience with either concerto?

does anuyone still have that rudy vid? i think i’m ready to look at it just one more time

After watching this and the Rudy vid, I’m scarred for life.

ahahah twuz actually

da orch dat tried to keep playin, in vain 8)



but once more

strings saved the day 8)

i’m glad i survived rach2, i’m not sure if i will do in the following months some rach3… daim… diz video…

haha da rudy hired sum hacker to weep pozz all evidence 8)

hahaha tru

but da mart knew diz document wuz important enough to be kept in a vault inzide a bomb sheltah



you are gold.

i suggest to delete the link in a few days to avoid the spreading ™

hahahaha so painful to watch!!!, sad because the beginning arpeggio was awesome, the rest pure sh…


i’m re-scarred

This is probably the worst performing disaster I’ve ever seen.

Worse than Weissenberg Chopin B minor Finale.

Poor guy!!!111

how’s that one?

link ? :comme:

hilariously dat weiss finale wuz the first time I realised dat da chopson 3 wuz a mofo piece.

tha 25/6 tchaik comp alzo hard fo moi to watch cuz of da harzh vodka clink :chop: :rectum:


da fakerud wud juz have been zhot by da nazi 8)

wtf, and randomly the most I ever paid for a cd was $60 for da Szpilman sheeyat. good musician, :cortot: tech. Waste of money.