Muzio Filippo Vincenzo Francesco Saverio Clementi

Diz mofo 1 ov da moz legendary compozaz in da development ov 88 tech

I wud argue hiz zonz are MO WIKID den da ZART

Fav piecez n recz?


I iz partial to da E minah cappriccio n da op40no3 :rectum:

f# 28#2 is the obvious pick, but just because of that I’m going to say A major 33#1 instead. I absolutely love that sonata!

And all Horowitz :ho:

Da Demidenko dizc iz zmooth.

I haf alzo liztened to da complete Zhelley recz, actually pretty cuntziztently gud, great reference recz but no magic ala HO

Damn, I had forgotten Demidenko had even played Clementi. Pozz tru for me too, I quite like his playing from back then.

Diz mvmt haf a wikid angular fury

I played da bmin and is a great piece. Quite difficult.
The minor keys tend to be the best ones.

Tru I heard him play live Bb I think (not da flute one). Was amazing!

Few years later, he came and played 3 all Chopin recitals which were…not great. I think he just wanted to try it out, and wanted a place he could get way with it with. :ghey:

Da Italianz hav zumuwt inzane namez, da BUZ pozz take da :cake: :cupcake: :fish_cake: :moon_cake: :pancakes:

Ferruccio Dante Michelangiolo Benvenuto BUZONI

Ahahaha da BUZ name iz lyk

Two n a half legendz :sunglasses:

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The Sonatinas Op.36 played by Wim Winters on a Clavichord, this recording is a MUST, and it takes not even 50 minutes to listen to all! :stopwatch:

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Fuckin legendary.

Diz mofo had da balls to ADD stuff when playing da late :nigga: