My compositions.

I am just sum begginnah n haff composed for three months. Plz giv me da critz so i can improve 8).

Finished: … 0minor.mid <- first piece eva, u can tell by da random ass structure. … 0minor.mid <- etude in arps

Not finished: … ueNo.1.mid <- dis is probably what Chopin’s diarreah sounds like when it land in da toilet. <- etude in reaching, boring <- dis was meant for choir or string quartet

Oh crap! Shoudl dis be in da SDC membahz forum? :blush:

ive heard two, and they r both insanely better than chopz 4th ballade…

Which onez?

If u r not kidding, thx.

to be honest , and not to dizz you …
i think u have some good ideas but definately u had no compositions lesson , is that correct? each piece seems to be took from some style and some composers … then , u should be careful how you name yer pieces , the 2 melancoliques dont seem a bit like what tha title would be concerned. definately you’re trying to write in homophonic structure with poliphonimization thru , BUT , you’re use of the accompanying gives the impression that you dont really know how to use it tho the harmony sometimes seems to be rite and defined.
not to dizz ya , as a young composer im giving you just a few impressions which must encourage you to do better because as i said before , uve got some good ideas . and one more thing , just dont try to make the music just beautiful and impressive as i noticed u want ur music to be reacted like “oh…” …
good luck :slight_smile: (these are the bad pointz but ofcourse you shall know the good pointz yozelf)

Actually, thx a lot for the crits superstar cuz dis is rly wat i am looking for. 8) I personallyhaff no clu where 2 get composition lessons, n my high school definetly does not offer dem. But yah, i definetly know what you mean by me juss tryin to make “big” music and recently i’ve bin tryin harder n harder to make provocatif n tru music but it taks very long becuz de detailz r so important. N it iz tru i tend to “pick” a composer n imitate, dis iz not on purpoze and usually reflects da piecez i am playin. Hopefully i can cum out n find my own voice.

Thx agin tho.

respec :chop: :pimp: :brotha:

well im really glad you interpreted my words the rite way. where do u live ? in my academy we can take compositions lesson ofcourse , and i wanted so but they seem to teach only atonal which i precisely cant understand and this music just doesnt get to me. anyway , this is good if you imitate composers because they reflected on you that means that you are trying to find your musical path not only in composing but performing the original pieces too. one of the greatest methods to get to know yourself is to take a theme which you like very much and find it close to yourself and begin to write variations , you begin the very classical way , like very easy alberti bass etc . and then like some chords , that would teach you the sense of hamony , and then by doing romantic adjusting like if you were a director of a movie , every single step will teach you , the most important is not to easily steal some good old ideas , but also not to force yourself for something nu , this will need to teach you a lot , and dont hurry , you’ve got a lot of time.

Tha biggest city where I liv near iz San Fransisco (i go to school ther).

I bet it wud be hard to find classical/baroque/romantic compoistin class becuz ppl tend to think thats over n we must mov on, but imo, they dont teach u how to read n write Faulkner (crazy modernist mofo author whu randomly doesnt use punctuatin) befor dey teach u da basic rulz of english, so i think dis a gud place to sart.

I wil def try to write sum variations, gota pik a theme first, n when i vil be done i vil post dem in here. thx for da tip.