My first Alkan piece

3 Improvisations dans le Style brillant - no. 1

Rough work, lot of work to do still (obviously!) I’m still exited though cause its almost recognizable!

AHAHAHHAahahah i laughd heartily at tha random caption :whale:

rezpec :gav:

I uzeto be proud of ma finga flex-ability, den dis one mofo wuz lyk “I kan get an oktav wit 3 an 5” den I wuz lyk “WUT!!! crap…”

3 and 5??!

I can only do 2-5 on my left hand…

Same here lol

I don’t know why you bothered posting it in this state. Are you playing by ear?

Did you start piano just recently? Not to be a dick, but you don’t seem to have a very good technical foundation.

To sub: I wish I could play by ear, so short answer no. And I bothered posting cause 1) There were no human recordings current that I know of and 2) I know it needs work and I’m working on it. I figured someone would be so kind as to give me so con-crits. When I “finish” it I’ll post it again.

To canadian: I am well aware my technique isn’t very developed, so don’t worry about your potential dick-ism. I started playing like three years ago, and my teacher at the time just wasn’t really equipped to teach me really advanced techniques, seeing as how I “surpassed” her other students in a matter of months (I’m uploading my first student recital soon!). Now that she’s dead (that sounded really morbid lol) I’m looking for a more advanced teacher, but here in jefferson, ga there aren’t really many of those without spending a ton of money on conservatory teachers. I just recently found a decent teacher that I start lessons with next thursday, so hopefully she can “better” me. In the meantime, you think you could give me some pointers?

just go back to basics: work in small sections with a metronome. practice it, clean, avoiding habitual mistakes, before increasing speed. without accuracy and technical bravado there is nothing in alkan to speak of, so if you’re interested in the music you should probably do all this technical work in excess.

Thanks, I’ll try that. It’s weird though, I had the first set of jumping octaves almost perfect, but the next set (on the white keys) was really sloppy. So I worked on that, then the first set suffered. I guess I just have to work harder.