my first post here:

hey…i just joined this place.
I am jazz musician here in the U.S., I stumbled on this site when checking some things about Art Tatum. Best Wishes and a Happy New Year…of the Ox, I think…

i predikt diz iz not a TM bot

welcome to the forum!!! :comme:

tru, he’s been approved :slight_smile:

welcome brotha

no…not a spamming bot at all. After all, I passed the image verification during registration.

nah, not a spambot. we mean a new incarnation of trumofo. if you dont know who he is, good.

hahah tru velcum to thiz pozzibly inzane plaze.

zo wat iz yo zpeed :stop: 8)

haha iz u actually blakk? :brotha:

no, I am white (my grandfather was Irish). Do I have to be African-American to admire Tatum?

haha where iz da t25 n tha man?

that’s comme for ya :slight_smile:

he haf ‘brotha’ in hiz fuckin name 8) how da fuck iz dat a racizt queztion

I don’t understand half the posts in this topic.

:stop: u vil get up 2 zpeed zoon

tiz zurvival ov da faztezt in da SDC :dong:

I have no idea what half the messages in this forum mean, but I get the jist

is there any way to lock topics? This one is getting a bit pointless.


aha da SDC haf a freefoall mentality n only remove repetitiv zpam

diz wuz befo da canadian cummah n fukd it up

btw ve zhud cre8 an SDC lingo lezzon zticky topiq fo nu mofoz lyk diz

I see…I want that lingo lesson you’ve mentioned.

edit: “You earned 0.3 ziffro for that post”
this is pretty funny…

I deffinately want the lessons. I have no idea what the ziffro and the sviatoslav relate to really, other than guessing something to do with speed? lol. What do the little faces mean also? do they have a meaning? Like Thracozaag little picture of Bang Bang up there. Was it this forum who first called him Long Dong by the way? I remember laughing till it hurt when I read that, and it seems like the kind of name someone might get here lol.

tru twuz long dong then da dong then dongah